We are a family brand. We offer a better cut Tee-shirt of high quality plus elegant finish. Our Tee is made to fit both men and women beautifully. Not only is our Tee-shirt fit better but it is also a communicative tool for a brighter Africa. Our customers say we offer the best product at affordable prices, you be the judge. We aim to promote Africa in a positive light.



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  • Josephine Schilder

    Appreciate THIS new..AWESOME creation..love.my Country..Continent..

    Josephine Schilder
  • Nontombi Luthuli Hlongwane

    I love your Tees but I gave away mine in Limpopo I must buy myself 1 soon. I bought 4 of them 1 was mine 2 for my sons and 1 of their friends but when I get there they were 4. I couldn't give only the 3 but all 4 giving my 1 to the other friend and you will not even notice it was not his. Your Tees are the best. I love them!

    Nontombi Luthuli Hlongwane
  • Mlanjeni Anele

    Gorgeous hot sexy lv u

    Mlanjeni Anele
  • Raymond Masara

    This is nice, you inspire me...keep up the good work

    Raymond Masara
  • Fundiswa SocialFundi Pawuli

    AFRICA my Beginning and Ending, I'm inspired.

    Fundiswa SocialFundi Pawuli