Our production is 100% locally manufactured (we manufacture in Cape Town townships)

Tees & Gees was established in 2010. It was founded on a street corner of Gugulethu NY 115 – a famous township in Cape Town South Africa. What started as a dusty street corner hustle with only 30 t-shirts in stock, is now a mainstream T-shirt brand with an office in town, 2 franchisees, and over 5 shops across Cape Town. We also have independent distributors who see value in selling our products across the country.

Just as we started selling our products in a township, we also saw value in producing our Tees in the very same townships so that we create jobs and entrepreneurship in the hood. We support small homebased manufacturing businesses through our Tee-shirt. We also source our material from a local fabric milling factory based in Cape Town. What puts a smile on our face is our customers’ appreciation for our product. There is style in quality.

We offer great quality products spiced with simple yet elegant print designs that talks to all people of the land from different spheres. We are not just a T-shirt brand but a movement that seeks to promote Africa in a positive light – actually, we are a community brand.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help improve South Africa’s economy through creation of jobs and entrepreneurs across the country, hence we produce 100% locally (local is lekker).


Although we were established in Cape Town, our mission is to take our brand across the globe. We plan to also collaborate with other brands to build the biggest Tee-shirt company in African - African T-shirt Empire - ATE.


Orders over R250 are delivered countrywide free of charge.


TeesnGees Products are manufactured using the highest quality garment


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